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Visceral Surgery Zurich


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As a former deputy chairman of the Department of Visceral and Transplant Surgery at the Inselspital in Berne, Prof. Hans U. Baer is highly endued with professional know-how and outstanding surgical capabilities. He has mainly specialised in the full spectrum of abdominal surgery and its perioperative treatment, doing open as well as laparoscopic procedures. In 1999, he dared to take the step forward into autonomy, opening his own private practice of abdominal surgery in the Hirslanden Clinic in Zurich.

Honest engagement and unconditional helpfulness still belong to the highest maxims in the working routine within the practise and they enable Prof. Baer and his team to put up every help-seeking patient and to accompany them on their sometimes difficult path. In the last years, the practice of Prof. Hans U. Baer continually developed and became established as a highly qualified centre for visceral surgery. Employing six members of staff, it is quite small in size, but extraordinarily fit in professional and social competence.

Absolute readiness, sincere loyalty and a strong public spirit among the team make it possible to provide the best caring environment for every patient. Showing an average age of about 30 years, the team is very young, bringing along not only modern thinking and a flexible learning aptitude, but also the willingness to commit oneself to new thoughts and ideas. Due to the small size of the practice, every employee has his special field of action, being simultaneously informed about all occurrences in the practice and thus being able to help with any problem at any time.


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