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Dear Visitor,

We would like to inform you about the international collaboration between GADING PLUIT Hospital of Indonesia and Baermed. - Centre of Abdominal Surgery of Switzerland. GADING PLUIT Hospital has invited Professor Dr. med. Hans U. Baer to further develop the high technical skills of the Indonesian abdominal surgeons. For this purpose, Prof. Baer is regularly visiting Indonesia and is performing teaching operations with a team of qualified Indonesian abdominal surgeons through trainings that are held annually in GADING PLUIT Hospital and other venues, covering specialised hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, abdominal oncological surgery and complex abdominal surgical cases. This collaboration is accredited and supported by the Persatuan Bedah-Endolaparoskopik Indonesia (PBEI / Indonesian Gastro-Endolaparoscopic Association).

Each patient is examined by a team in Indonesia involving internists, intensive care specialists, gastroenterologists and oncologists. Very special care is taken for the exact preoperative assessment of the patients’ problems, correct display of abnormal findings by imaging technique of the highest quality, and – last, but not least - an interdisciplinary approach of a specialist in many fields to guarantee that the right decision is taken for either conservative treatment or possible operation.

The best course of action for each individual patient is discussed by the Indonesian team and Prof. Baer in Switzerland by video link. Other specialist will join in Switzerland if necessary. Therefore, preoperative treatment, further assessment and the planning of a possible operation is done without losing time. The actual operations can be carried out either by the Indonesian surgeons or, in case of very demanding surgical expertise, in collaboration with the Swiss surgeon.

You can find the reports on our special cases of this successful collaborative programme in the last 3 years. Please be warned that intraoperative photographs displayed in these reports may be disturbing for some of our non-medical visitors. If you are very sensitive, please do not open our case reports.



Carcinoma of the descending colon with infiltration of the abdominal wall, the peritoneum, the bladder and multiple metastases of the liver

Cystic lesion of the pancreatic duct in the head of the pancreas (Cystadenocarcinoma of the pancreatic duct)

Acute necrotising pancreatitis

Pancreatic cysts in body and tail of the pancreas (Cystadenocarcinoma)

Additional case reports on abdominal surgical operations and diseases be found on our patient information,which will also be added consecutively. (Remark: links on this site contain content in English and German).

We trust that this international collaboration will be helpful for the treatment of our patients.

For further information or for consultation in Indonesia, please contact:

Jl. Boulevard Timur Raya, Kelapa Gading
Jakarta 14250 – INDONESIA
T. (6221) 4521001, 4520201 Ext. 8106 (Secretariat)
F. (6221) 4520578



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