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Patient Information


Dear patients
Dear relatives and persons who are generally interested

When a disease is discovered in a patient it is often very shocking and difficult to deal with. The patients mostly have many questions they would like to ask and hope for expert answers. As an abdominal surgeon, the answering of such questions, but also the explanation and analysis of complex circumstances in the medical field makes up a big part of my daily tasks. During my numerous and often very intensive discussions with patients about upcoming interventions, I became increasingly aware of how strong the patients’ need for information really is and how important it has become to meet the patients’ requirements.

On the following pages, you will thus find answers to many of the most important patient questions, as well as access to several examination and treatment techniques for selected diseases mostly from the abdominal field. Our team have made a great effort to formulate our disease descriptions as detailed as possible. However, these descriptions do not always suffice for non-health care professionals to understand everything. Please do note that the personal consultation with your attending physician is essential and cannot and must not be replaced with a patient brochure or even an internet search.

I am very happy to be at your disposition for a consultation if you have any questions, or if you would like to obtain a second opinion.

Yours sincerely

Hans U. Baer


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