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Principle two



"The successes of modern, academic surgery are based on basic research, particularly on the knowledge of molecular biology. Complex, large abdominal surgical operations should therefore be carried out by surgeons who also do research."

MarkusW. Büchler,
Professor of Surgery, Heidelberg

Surgery is a medical art, which uses knowledge from all areas of science and is proven to be useful in the treatment of sick people and to contribute to their recovery. The basis of academic surgery constitutes exact scientific results and knowledge from the entire work of clinical and basic research.

Surgeons who actively participate in this research, who formulate their own questions arising from their daily contact with patients, propose working hypotheses and test them according to scientific criteria, achieve the best results for their patients. These academically active surgeons have learned to critically appreciate their own knowledge, as well as the published results in medical-surgical literature, and to classify them in connection with the continuous development of science.

Academic surgery develops its full striking force, when the results and clinical experience can be fully discussed with patients and critically analysed in an open atmosphere. This occurs with the most lasting effect in the daily contact with students, surgeons and physicians in training and at special medical congresses and advanced training seminars, in lectures and discussions. Critical questions, scrutinising questions and creative thinking based on solid scientific principles provide the impetus to further improve and develop the field of surgery. With more precise and economical procedures, surgical interventions should be as careful as possible with the greatest benefit for the patient. Without scientific knowledge, successful surgical activity is not possible.

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